Doggyland Park’s private grounds were purpose built with doggy happiness and safety in mind.
The enchanting space spans 16,000 sq ft. and provides an oasis in the city, for urban dogs to play off lead and enjoy the enriching environment, in small groups.
We heavily restrict the number of dogs we care for during a session and place dogs together only if they actually enjoy and benefit positively from each other’s company. 
The zoning of our attractions and play areas is also strategic and crucial to facilitating excellent care. We are able to separate dogs if needs be, to maintain harmony and also to slow down the pace for puppies, brachycephalic breeds, or dogs who have guarding issues around toys.
  • Dog friendly plants throughout the entire premises.
  • Dig proof borders and secure perimeters.
  • Dog safe landscaping materials.
  • Shaded and sheltered areas throughout.
  • Double barriers at entrances and exits.
  • Portable shower for mucky pups.
  • Discreet, professionally kitted out pet taxis.
  • Trained, competent staff, certified in dog first aid.
  • Registered with professional bodies and compliant with animal welfare regulations.
  • Fully insured.
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