We understand that your Chow needs a lot of support and patience when encountering new people and environments.

Our exclusive Chow Chow sessions have been carefully designed by our expert team to accommodate the unique needs of this very special breed.


Chow Inductions, Meet & Greet:

On booking your Chow’s first induction, you will be offered an optional, complimentary 30 minute meet and greet visit, so that your dog can familiarise itself to the environment with you present.

We run these sessions Monday-Saturday.

This will help your beloved doggy to build confidence prior to the first induction.


Chow Inductions:

During induction sessions, your doggy will have the entire park and key team members to themselves, so that we can get to work establishing trust and connection. Sessions are led by staff trained at degree level in animal behaviour and feedback will be given each visit. The number of solo inductions your Chow will require will depend on how long it takes for them to hit the key bonding milestones with us, such as accepting treats, voluntarily following us whilst off lead, engaging in play, tail wagging and consistently adopting relaxed facial expressions and body language.At this point, you will be welcome to book Chow group sessions!


Chow Group Sessions:

As a fairly rare breed, many dogs aren’t socialised when puppies with Chow Chows and this can mean that as adults, they may be less than keen on befriending your beautiful baby.

Our group sessions have been carefully planned to find as many play mates as possible for your Chow. Infact, we make sure all the puppies we take on at Doggyland Park are socialised with Chows as early as possible, so that they are not fearful and potentially aggressive towards the breed as adults. We are so passionate about this that we offer complimentary sessions for puppies who use our services to meet Chow Chows, meaning more potential playmates for your doggy!

See our price list page for more information.

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