Mission Statement

Born from a desire to bring happiness to customers, canine guests and staff, we created Doggyland Park, a dog walking service unlike any other. 
Here at Doggyland Park we are very passionate about raising the standards for how dog care can be carried out, when the welfare of the animals is truly the priority.  
Every inch of our secure, private grounds in the city, has been designed with the sole purpose of bringing joy and true enrichment to the small group of dogs that are in attendance at any one time.


Explore our website to learn more about the fantastic park and the never-seen-before attractions housed within it, that await your little loved ones should you decide to book with us.

The Team

We take our responsibility in providing safe and proper care for animals very seriously indeed and although our industry is poorly regulated, we implore ourselves to act with integrity and to conduct our business according to professional level standards.
Rest assured that your doggies are in safe hands with our company, headed by Beth and Pablo and with our team, led by Toni, your dog’s go-to human during their first visit.
Toni graduated with honours in her degree in animal behaviour and has over seven years experience walking and caring specifically for dogs.
Toni is very adept at reading the nuances of canine body language and applying her vast knowledge in real time.
We are so very lucky to have Toni head our team and we are very happy to be supporting her at the start of her exciting career.
Our support staff (Tia, Indigo, Holly and Emma) are also very well versed in animal care, holiding qualifications in wildlife biology, canine first aid, animal care and welfare, professional dog boarding and daycare, breed specific canine care, veterinary assistance and dog on dog aggression amongst others.
Our staff are the cornerstone of our business and by investing in them and developing their skills and knowledge, we strive to continually make doggies, staff and customers happy.
Most importantly, these dog obsessed human beings bring an abundance of positivity and enthusiasm to the workplace and are the reason your doggies can’t wait to come back again and again!

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